Meet MC AVIE – The man behind THE BUSH CARNIVAL

He is one of Uganda’s anticipated video vixens, you might have seen him on your TV set featuring in music videos for a number of artists like Azawi’s Slow dancing. Avie an MC and a Deejay as well so he is a true definition of an entertainer. Driven by insipirations from a number of carnivals, fests and gather ups that have been taking place in Uganda, this dude colaborated with a number of yet to be revealed talented managers and promoters and came up with a show dubed THE BUSH CARNIVAL.

6 Replies to “Meet MC AVIE – The man behind THE BUSH CARNIVAL”

  1. Dj Bruce

    And can we know more about the bush carnival!

  2. Faith Avyerah

    I am one of his funs coz whatever he does concerning entertainment is really massive.
    Big up and much respect MC Avie.

  3. AZAWI

    This one is a nuclear move blood

  4. Katama zakaria

    It’s true mc Avie is the best

  5. Deejay kats

    Am deejay kats from kasasa mc Avie is the best in everything


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