The unstopable Nyege Nyege concert

There are no tough political punishments for that incompetence and in return, the population enjoy a degree of freedom – prostitutes, call them sex workers moving forward, vend from as close as the Parliament building and State House despite the act being illegal. Small casinos operate out of the law from across the central police stations and occasionally, a hawker will rest their produce at the KCCA building to tighten their belt or refresh from a long day despite hawking being chalked down as illegal.

Uganda is built on ‘moving slowly’ against those with and without power. Even political cases, prosecutors show up to court half-hearted, ready to put in the bare minimum to allow the opponents of the government get away.

It’s the cup of devil’s piss that we drink from to keep the wheel of this thing going.

It then emerges as a shocker that Parliament wants to alter that Faustian bargain by blocking Nyege Nyege festival, an annual social event scheduled to happen in Jinja District.

First, nobody can stop nyege, rather, reggae.

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