Software Used by Famous DJs

The best part about them is that they are passionate about music and work with all the genres of music. Djs undoubtedly have the ability to electrify a concert with music. Are you a music enthusiast or an aspiring Dj? If so,you are obviously eager to know what software famous DJs use since it is behind the appealing music they make.
As a Dj you need a laptop, some MP3 audios and mixing software to be effective. Some of the most popular DJ software many use are free while others are not. You have to consider this when looking to purchase. Luckily, there are free trials to help you decide whether that is the software you want. You also need to have the proper equipment to use with the software. Here is a list of some of the software that famous DJs like Avicii, Skrillex, Tiesto, Diplo and Kaskade use.

1. AbletonLive

In the past both Dj Skrillex and Dj Tiesto have admitted to using this software. One of the features in Ableton Live is the rack, where there is a flanger, EQ, synthesizer, reverb and delay. You can change the settings the way you want and add or remove effects. The software has MIDI and Key Mapping. In this feature, you get to select the Map button then click on the parameter of your choice to send a MIDI message. In so doing, you can make any parameter in Live accessible from a MIDI controller or alternatively you can make personalized key commands.
Ableton Live also has an audio to MIDI function that makes it unique. It also has Max for Live, a form of Max that basically runs inside Live as an instrument or an MIDI effect. The feature allows you to use Live API to control Live.

2. Traktor Pro 2

The software has many features that facilitate flexibility and intuitive performance. Its mixer provides many proficient Dj mixer features that you can customize. You can pick from the various EQs and types of filter modeled after the favorites in the industry. Looping and cueing enables you to snapshot your favored tracks in time. It also allows you to modify the length of the loop on the fly.
Traktor Pro 2 stores the hot cues automatically and thus allow you to go straight to the key moments. On the effects, there are 4 individual FX units and over 30 studio-grade effects. You can also collect and personalize the effects to make your mixes more creative. It has a loop recorder that enables you to record audio from a live source. You can then transfer the sounds to the Remix Decks instantly.

3. Serato Dj

It is one of the best software for DJs. Renowned DJs like Avicii and Tiesto have used this software. It is known for its scratch emulation feature that enables you to scratch any sound file you have on your computer. With a controller, you can transform an MP3 sound into a real record. It also have other numerous features like easy library management, cues and loops, vinyl and CD-J control. The impressive thing about this software is that it organizes many features into an easily-usable package.

4. Deckadance

Dj Avicii is known to use Deckadance. Some of the control features unique to this software are include an Up to four deck control, FX chaining, MIDI control and smart knobs. The good thing it is that it can work as a standalone program linked as a VSTi in your DAW of choice. The software can be combined with any digital vinyl software like Serato or Virtual Dj.
These are just a few types of the software used by renowned DJs such us Diplo, Tiesto, Avicii and Skrillex. If you are an upcoming Dj, you can follow in their steps to succeed.